This year, take the guesswork out of finding the perfect size Christmas tree with this Augmented Reality preview tool

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No more wondering, will it fit?


Whether you're shopping for a natural or a 'forever' tree this Christmas, it can be a challenge to know what size tree will best fit in your space.

This year, take the guesswork out of your tree planning and use this handy Augmented Reality tool to visualize a virtual Christmas tree, at actual size, in your room.  

No apps required! Just use the Augmented Reality web widget below on your mobile device and pick out a tree today!

Select Christmas tree size

Pick which size Christmas tree you want to envision in your space.

Too big? Too small? Simply try another tree size.


Looks like you're viewing this within an embedded app. Open in your main browser to view Augmented Reality


How does it work?


Select the size Christmas tree you wish to visualize in your room


Tap View in your space to launch the augmented reality view


Stand back, scan the room, point your camera at the floor where you want to place your tree

Tips: Make sure you have plenty of clear space and good lighting. Once placed, you can move the tree by tapping and dragging it to a new position. 

Image of person placing an Augmented Reality virtual Christmas tree in their room

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